Interview with Vilde Slind Brandåstrø

Who are you? 
I'm Vilde, a 24-year-old from Trondheim working as Store Manager for Envelope1976. I've studied a lot of design in my life, and love creating and being creative.

How would you describe yourself? 
I’m a very open person I would say. I like to dive into new things and get to know new people. I'm also a control freak. I do have my way of organizing and keeping everything around me in check. 

I'm passionate about design, it can be any shape or form. From a website, a piece of clothing, a painting or a bedside table. Creating something from your own mind is such a satisfaction.

I'm very passionate about sustainability. It's important for me to buy clothing I know I will use a lot, or buy second-hand, knowing what kind of materials I use, what I don't want on my body or in my house, and acquiring knowledge to share with other people.

Vilde Slind Brandåstrø, Envelope1976, Concept Store

It is all in your hands.

If you sit back and wait for life to happen it may of course do so, but if you take action yourself, you will learn a lot more, and what you desire will happen.

I think after so many years in the school system you get prone to everything just happening around you and to just go with it. That’s an adjustment for anyone and I think one of the greatest lessons I learned was how much more I learned after being finished in this system and going out in the world myself. 

I feel most alive when I'm swimming in the ocean, diving in and just feeling free. It's more comfortable in the summer, but you definitely feel more alive taking a dip in the winter.

But also, being in a room with people you love, eating food and having a good time is the best. Preferably on a beach in Greece but you know Norway will do as well. 

Vilde Slind Brandåstrø, Envelope1976, Concept Store

I define success as being happy in your life with who you surround yourself with, and that you are content with what you do with your days. Also, finding something to be excited about, a hobby, something you do for yourself. With that I would say a career within your hobby is the best combination.

My greatest advice is to ask.

The worst thing you're going to get is a no. There is a lot of talented people out there who you can learn from. Ask for help and don’t be too shy. I've learned much more after I started reaching out to people that I admire.