By integrating innovative technology with a conscious ethos, we embrace our position in an interconnected ecosystem.

Our purpose and intention is to create sustainable products made for a modern lifestyle.

We are a small production and design studio with grand intentions. We aim to set an example for the industry by taking responsibility and choosing the more challenging path.

Our work is characterized by a refined sense of contemplation and authenticity expressed through conscious ideas.

We are driven by the belief in earth and a fascination for its functional resources. Creating sustainable, ethical and high-quality garments that are made to last should be a given. Our aim is to slow down and provide clients and customers with long-lasting solutions.

There is no limit to our ambitions. It is possible to live in a modern society⁠— in harmony and balance with nature.

If you have a potential project and think we’d be the ideal partner to bring it to life, please get in touch and we'll help you create garments with the future and environment in mind.

  • CEO
    Pia Nordskaug

    Morten Ramm